the world-cultural-shock in 2024


Das Weltkulturerbe


Information in the matter and commission will be followed concerning the national economy and the travel expense accounting.

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Society for Aid to People in Need

All over the World mbH

Baumschulallee 3 a

53115 Bonn

Luebeck, 24 March 2016

Free English translation on 2021, July 03.

Please, let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right places and people.

Call for Help/ Your letter of 17 March 2016

Dear Prof. Dr. theol. T. Schirrmacher, Dear Sirs,

I was dismayed to find your letter in my mailbox, expecting that hunger and misery are finally being taken seriously and that measures have already been initiated.

At the moment, humanity is still facing serious changes that will fall from the sky, so to speak (seas, lakes and rivers*) but will be vital to 99 % of ((Ufos.

It is also a culture shock that should bring humanity together to win the battle of survival together. This of course includes Africa, especially the S________ and Eth______ as neighbouring countries. The beginning for an unified culture, which must be the real ultimate goal, my person would suspect in the S_____, if the forthcoming cultural journeys should be about Africa, respectively Africa should call for* the cultural journeys.

(Especially the outline of the map of Ethiopia* (woman's head) suggests, that very old cultures and the decisive roots of the ancestors will be found there.

Germany is also recognisable as an outline of the map as a woman's head with Denmark's crown). So one should also be able to interpret, however, not only these signs of the times, if one cannot find any other clues for the beginning of a cultural journey.

Through this kind of travel, which will also have to include visits to certain mental hospitals (castles of this world)**, which will awaken terrible memories in me, I wanted to create preparations for further actions such as a fully functional "Cudgel", but the prerequisite for the cultural journeys include two very specific measures; starvation or dying for trivial reasons being one of these measures.

My person is thus not primarily responsible for earthly concerns, but the targeted redistribution of goods, food and more is a matter for the Crown under the leadership of King Juergen, whereby the one is of course strictly connected with the other and it will be remained in this way.

The whole matter is about an unique fairy tale, that involves a culture shock and that involves everyone and everything.

Thus, my person would recommend you and your GmbH to contact the Danish Royal Ambassadors or your embassy with this letter.

Should the Cudgel be functional, it will also retroactively)) strike a person, I am quite sure of that, especially if an over-rich person should refuse at this advanced stage to part with his wealth voluntarily, in that vital immediate measures could be created for others, which, however, must not result in a redistribution of wealth, but in an equitable distribution of the immediately needed funds, and of course any kind of corruption must be excluded.

For this reason, this letter is to be understood as an official Easter-letter, which should be partly shortened and addressed to the public and to the current rulers also in Africa and Asia.

Everyone certainly gets a second chance or more, but when enough is enough, then no more whining and snivelling will help, then it goes round!

Please bear in mind, that my person is not and cannot be your contact person, because I am actually interested in miracles and more!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch

Empress (or better Express)

**German-language text added. Expression corrected.  3 July 2021./  23 May 2023.