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Breaking All Chains

Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To All


CC/ Travel Agencies/ Tour Operators


Luebeck, December 2008

Free English translation on 7 July 2021


Please let the German-language letter be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding places.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today is also a Thursday, (in German thunderday)  the day that should be thundered around to get to the root of a reversal of the ways of thinking and structures of capitalism and to put the individuality of the individual back in the foreground.

In fact, it is about the talents of each individual and not only about "ability" and one's place in today's society, which one has earned exclusively through ambition, determination and diligence and has been sponsored accordingly by various bodies, since anyone who has got into a managerial or responsible function or position can only get to such places through an assessment by others, be it through the teaching staff, through relationships, through a superior, through parents or however and by whatever means.

There are only a few successful people who have been successful solely through their own talent, which has been distributed differently, without these people having to almost "tear themselves apart over" in order to create an appropriate place for themselves in society and thus in professional life.

Not only artists are meant in this respect, but also people who have gone their own way through their own ideas, whereby they will not made nothing  of surplus capital and luxury, and yet success has not failed to materialise; probably because these people do not work or operate in a chain, i. e. are not connected with industrialisation, and can bring something to the market and offer it, which not everyone can offer.

This usually is about a self-employment, as it could be a farmer, a shoemaker, shipowner, merchant, architect, doctor, butcher, watchmaker, fireplace maker, dressmaker, hairdresser.

There are many professions that promote the respective talent of the individual, with which especially the mother and housewife should be mentioned, whereby the upbringing of a child requires a certain talent, just as cooking, managing and beautifying or cleaning, but several talents can be present at the same time, which especially appeals to the housewife profession.

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. Only a few are promoted for their talents and the rest of the great masses have long been in a kind of industrialisation, that has spread unobtrusively and insidiously.

There are actually several groups into which industry can be divided.

One group includes mainly the financial industry, the film industry, the entertainment industry and the tourism industry. The other group includes the communications industry and the advertising industry, the "consumer industry", the environmental industry and the utilities industry. The next group includes the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and the luxury food industry.

Then to another belongs the car industry, the procurement industry, the transport industry, the construction industry, the packaging industry, the waste disposal industry and so on and so forth! Now there is already a hospice care industry as well as the old people's and nursing home care industries. All of this is only happening on a large scale, because you can't deal with trifles for very long. Time is money and that is the most precious matter we have!

And now I am coming to the end of time and, if my time permits, I will break all these aforementioned chains and leave for you and others in the transitional period only the bare essentials to live or,  better, to survive!

I would like to start with the tourism industry, which is one of the most expensive industries of all, because the ozone layer is damaged by this industry and the other layers beyond it are also affected, which man can no longer repair and which certainly still contain puzzles, that belong to the whole process of the "weather".

It cannot be right, that even at this advanced stage simple-minded ignoramuses are of the opinion that everything will take care of itself and that one can continue as before, without further ado. That's not how it works any more................!

Every individual, especially those who get on an aeroplane, must finally realise that they are making this air journey at the high cost of others, as this environmental damage has become priceless and the time lost through such irresponsible pleasure- or recreation addictions and is also no longer replaceable.

Likewise, it is time that the luxury liners on the world's oceans enter the right regions and ports of the earth and that the right passengers will disembark there on the spot and take in the others, who will obviously lose their lives without this help. The same applies to sex tourism especially in Asian countries, but this is also sadly true worldwide.


Please send those responsible for this to these areas to take over the business of local children or women, who can only feed or keep themselves alive through prostitution, as already established!

Anyone who has secured a job or made money from it at such expense to others, will themselves go straight into the sex tourism industry and earn their living like that of the local prostitutes in this way.

All others, who like to travel and cannot or do not want to do without the "change of scenery", will be allowed to travel, but each individual will please make a difference locally, not strengthening the consumer industry but dividing it fairly and thus smashing this kind of tourism locally.

In plain language, this means that the food and beds available for tourists in the respective hotels or "holiday resorts" will remain unchanged in terms of quantity, but the number of tourists, who are only allowed to travel with hand luggage, which, by the way, every so-called "Christian" has to carry himself, should double.  


You have earned your holiday, because you are worth it!

Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the sumptuous buffet with round-the-clock catering in a **** or ***** star hotel.

Or even on a luxury liner, you will feel at home and you will have an unforgettable time with unforgettable memories!

There are paradisiacal beaches and facilities, of course everything "fully included", because it doesn' t matter at all, that at the same time other people are looking for the leftovers in the rubbish, so that they don' t get sick from hunger or even have to die!


But that's enough, you insatiable would-be grandees!

I already know your sovereign claims through the tour operators, but you don't know me yet!

Please settle this aforementioned imbalance immediately by ensuring that the relevant documents and information material are distributed to the tourists, whereby each individual holidaymaker should formulate his impressions, his thoughts and, above all, his suggestions for a unified culture in writing and work out the differences between the cultures together with the locals on site in order to enter into conversation; be it through the staff in the hotels, during a stroll through town by a trader or however and wherever.

Should any of the locals become suspicious or wary, then the "Lord's command" should not be denied, with which every Christian should again familiarise himself in advance.

In case of difficulties, appropriate reactions should be clarified by the respective embassy, so that every tourist should equip himself with the address and telephone number of the embassy of the country, where then please hand in the "reports or suggestions" either handwritten or with a notebook, PC or typewriter, i. e. in the embassy of the respective country visited.

If you have a better suggestion, then the better way will be used and it will be done in the way that is safest and best for the respective country and the tourists.


 I remain with kind regards

         Ursula Sabisch, Empress        

                                                                            July 2016

HP: This task applies exclusively to the developing countries or to the losing countries of the big game on the stock exchange, with the whole world economic system tied to it. Otherwise, of course, one must first clean up one's own backjard.

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