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FRG and Realpolitik

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To Prince Martin

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To the Hanseatic City of Luebeck


To the Hanseatic City of Hamburg


To the FRG


Luebeck, September 22, 2023

The German language document  you may find here!

Attention, the time is running and the possibilities are disappearing also for many responsible people to reach a desirable future!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hanseatic City of Luebeck, Dear Politicians, Dear Readers,

As it becomes more and more clear in the daily news, chaos is rolling towards mankind from all sides, although the worst has not even come to light yet, but some distinct signs are already visible through the earth itself.

If at this advanced stage you and others are still unable to perceive reality by being able to recognize your direct superiors, then you and your kind clearly do not belong in a position of leadership or responsibility.

Either you, as the "Hanseatic City of Luebeck" or as the citizens of Luebeck, find to yourselves very quickly, or there must be a responsible leadership and takeover of the Hanseatic City of Luebeck from the outside, which will also inevitably apply to the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

The same applies to the Hanseatic city Hamburg and/or the state Hamburg, because also there real politicians are needed, in order to be able to build and to "let herald" the control of the world!

However, unfortunately, the reality in Luebeck looks almost unbelievable, in that, for example, a Prince, who was called many years ago, has gone basically in the matter and he could lead by his accumulated fortune as a businessman presumably a pleasant and respected life, although he was able to avert big health damages from the Empress or the concerned person, respectively, to give truthful information to my concerned person.

The large health damage originated in the end by the living conditions certainly conscious and emerging to him by the neighborhood of my person and in addition by the last large building site directly at the present dwelling of my person.

Regrettably, my person must suspect a purposeful planning behind this rough and continuous noise nuisance by the building site, which was possibly called by such a "respected citizen of Luebeck" on the plan!

Furthermore, until today this "fine gentleman" has not introduced himself to my person and given an explanation for his behavior, although he must have been additionally informed of the home pages of my person. Seen in this way this Prince fits excellently to the citizens of Luebeck and will be the right one for this task here or elsewhere according to the factual situation!

Note: A Prince is not a King and not an Emperor and has to behave opposite an Empress or a concerned person accordingly in the matter, in that a proper information must be a matter of course.

Each mature citizen was and is in the matter information-obliged, particularly to the offices responsible for it always been and if that did not happen voluntarily and decently, then such a behavior will have to be classified as mentally ill or mentally disturbed. For this reason my person wishes particularly to visit such a Prince and millionaire in the psychiatric hospital Neustadt in Schleswig-Holstein, where he will stay in advance at least two weeks.

From there he will either immediately take over the proper business of the Hanseatic city of Luebeck, and plan the Hanseatic city of Hamburg as given into the control, by executing the decisions of my person correctly and completely, or he will have to take over the control of Luebeck and the gate of the world in the far-away offside, however not on this world!

Mrs. A. Kramp-Karrenbauer will please build up the Federal Armed Forces as already given for these missions and will train according to the use of shotguns, by having to introduce the soldiers into the matter and into the Kepler-Quartier (former large building site). (Clearance of the social housing excluded).

My person wishes to take over furthermore in the meantime the Ruebenkoppel number 1 in the first and second floor free of charge, as communicated many years ago, by preparing there an office with communication possibilities and a sleeping accommodation for my person.

The sister of my person receives also free of charge the first floor apartment in the Ruebenkoppel number 1 and pays there the half electricity and heating costs of her consumption, which has also validity for my person, since our persons remain still elsewhere liable to pay costs!

For the present tenants of the houses will be provided please by the responsible persons of the housing association at that time, which were responsible for the unjustified notice of the mentioned dwelling of my person, by hereby equally with a kick out from the dwelling and/or house is answered!

My person hopes very much that you will not reject such an offer and will reflect quite fast! We are all only guests on God's earth, whereby a millionaire or even billionaire has to perform exactly long since his service in the offside, should one not be a true King or Emperor, in that the accumulated fortune of the millionaires and billionaires must be used for the people in the threatened countries, if possible locally reasonably thought out and coupled with a consideration, immediately!

Otherwise one gets the people threatened in life and limb with a luxury liner out of these dangerous areas and does not accommodate them in a gymnasium or in containers as a kind of intruders, but one treats them like guests and provides in addition that the young people or men will make an education as foresters, carpenters or bricklayers in the immigration country, in that the asylum seekers will form a village and they will learn to plan and build independently small houses from wood or stone with an allotment garden.

You will have the necessary wood selectively felled by clearing the forests to create planned aisles, so that the next forest fire will not spread to the adjacent forest section or to the.environment. That new trees must be planted at the same time, the foresters or specialists should know better than my person. One thing is certain, however, despite of own contribution of the "four walls": One day every immigrant must return to his country of origin to his family!

Note: Even if my person must repeat everything twice and three times, it changes nothing at the decisions or instructions by the documents of my person.

Quite on the contrary, because now already the houses and mansions of the civilian population must be cleared possibly for the guests and/or asylum seekers, or however one regulates professionally the problem of the refugee policy and that best for all humans directly locally!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch


HP: You and your kind will certainly learn to serve, either you serve here on God's earth the called authority, the King, the Emperor and the Empress, or however you serve the daily spirit of the times and the world-ship is going to tits up completely!